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Ted Bartenstein

John Stempel made the remark about China being so much invested in the United States that if it called the notes the US would collapse. That seems to simply beg the question that no one asked, which is, whether or not economic co-dependency isn't the secret to world peace? China would not want to see its market destroyed, nor would America want to see any of its sources for cheap goods destroyed. There will still be wars in the underdevloped countries, and plenty of room for exploitation of third world people, but the chances of a world war of the sort that occurred in the 20th Century seem remote. Don't know where this really goes, but thought I would just add it to the comments others might make.


Thanks Ted. In hindsight, I interepret Robert Sulposky's comment about diversity mitigating the worst cooperative behavior as touching on your point. In that sense, economic dependency might well act as a break on world wide conflict.

Thanks much

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