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I was present at Dr. Schwartz's lecture today(9/15/07,Louisville ,Ky.) and I was very impressed with the idea of essentially retraining the mind,and the ascendancy of mind over brain (or over matter, if you prefer :D). I was wondering ( and I did not get to ask this question because of a certain combative,provocative physicist,feared my question would be redundant and boring:),what Dr. Schwartz's thoughts were on bicamerality (left/right brain phenomenon) and re-framing/ it possible to go from a left brained individual to a right brained one (and vice versa)?Does he even believe in this age-old idea of dominant hemispheres of the brain? How do Dr. Schwartz's ideas differ from the Norman Peale /Power of Positive Thinking philosophy (besides the actual presence of scientific data:)?
Grey Dress

Rebbie (contemplating affirmations)

“A scientifically-informed opinion will show how, in fact, the mind does affect the brain.” This is a sentence worth contemplating. Thank you for this insightful post.

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