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Grey Dress

It seemed that Mr. Kaku was the Renaissance man of the IF...particularly as a "theoretical" physicist,he was out on a very long limb,and showed great bravery with his predictions.....I was most interested in his string field theory ideas(particularly the Multiverse theory) and the way he linked his thoeries to art,literature AND science and succeeded in not leaving anyone (even those of us who were creative,intuitive rather than crypto-scientific),out in the cold ,so to speak.I had wanted to ask him (an extension of a certain young man's question about all these purported,new technology's "weaponization" possibilities),If the world he was talking about was truly desirable (and this is,admittedly spoken as a true "Type 0" human),in that it would limit all human-to-human contact?I mean,nanobots and Internet sunglasses?...very impressive ,but what's the gain in the philosophical,humanist sphere,if any? Are we unable to see the virtues because we are still (technically,at least)HUMANS and have not evolved?Also,what are his thoughts on the possibilties (50 years from now or so ) of "evolution classes" and "forced evolution"? Also want to reiterate my great admiration for Dr.Kaku's lecture today ,and my hope that he will return ,next year.(*What are everyone's thoughts on Philip K. Dick......amazing sci-fi writer,who never forgot about HUMANS or our condition?"(9/15/07,Louisville,Ky.)

Thomas Wrobel

"I mean,nanobots and Internet sunglasses?...very impressive ,but what's the gain in the philosophical,humanist sphere,if any?"

When we controll energy enough to make totaly augmented worlds, much of our materialistic world becomes meaningless.

If we could put on a pair of AR glass's that can make anything look like anything else....then where would the value be in brand names and things that look fancy?

Surely all that would really mater would be function, not form.

It seems to be that "internet sunglass's" could well advance us in philosophical & humanist gain, even if it is by a kinda of back door approach.


Dr. Kaku is my current hero. He see's things that most humans cannot even dream of.

He epitomizes the scene:

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die."

What a marvelous time to have existed.

Tavis Wack

I can only say that I'm happy to see someone with the knolage,imagination and courage to put there ideas to good sientifis use. Not many people have all three.

Mr.Emanuel W.Cook

you,re theoretically right Dr.Kaku,time is the 4th dimension;their is a Universe parallel to ours and its called the heavenly realm;their are portals

Mr.Emanuel W.Cook

you,re right Dr.Kaku,time is the 4th Dimension;their is a Universe parallel to our's and it is called the Heavenly realm and their arr portal routs and it is not the Black hole.

Mr.Emanuel W.Cook

Dr.Kaku,you can only get to the other Universe through visions only,for example,We would like to interupt this dream,for an important message and time is the 4th dimension.

Edward Overbey

I think perception is our greatest friend and greatest enemy. Time and space is infinite the only constant is what we perceive what is then we base all reality around that paradigm. Time and space is dimensional and/or anti-dimensional or/and somewhere infinitely in between. Spirit unlike time exists in all things and all times even when we perceive spirit as negieble. Time is perceived in the mind and the mind is a tool of the spirit. Time is not opposed to spirit for spirit exist is all time. It is what it is. Just like light all in this realm is a matter of perception.

Michael Douet

I really like the idea od the Super Collider I just heard about it recently and I can't wait for when it is turned on your work is very good for me I a learning very quickly because of you thank you very much we need you if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have known about the Super Collider




Karen C.

Dr. Kaku,
I am reading your new book and love it! I first heard of the string theory on "What the Bleep", not to sound trite, but do our thoughts determine our outcome?


To Dr. Kaku, I watched your video on parrallel dimensions. And I am a true believer of it from first hand experience. It started with my dad passing away. I would have never dreamed that parrallel dimensions exist until my dad started talking to me in my dreams, and started doing some strange things around me. One of the dreams I had, was my dad finally forgiving me for some of my bad misbehavior I did when he was alive. In my dream he told me that he forgave me, He was in a wood rocking chair, and was rocking in it. It was the same one that our family grew up with, when I was younger.
He was in the rocking chair, and he said he forgave me and gave me a big hug, and then the next thing I knew I was traveling towards this white light in a tunnel, and I started going down the white tunnel, and some voice, said, no it is not your time yet and I woke up.
Most of the dreams really started to happen when I got Dad's old couch, that he used to sit on, and do crossward puzzles, and listen to the radio, when he retired. Electrical activity started to happen also. The lights would flicker and my tv would come on by accident, and his favorite program on tv would come on, golf, and arnold palmer.
One time I saw a blue silouete of his body, laying quiet on the couch not moving at all. This laster for several days, and then it disappeared. I definately believe in parrallel dimensions. They are real, we just need some good tools to measure them on our planet.

Art Gallegos

I am a 60 year old man and I have been having excursions into what I believe is an other dimension or parrallel world. It is identical to the world we live in with the exception of missing walls of the house the house not completely finised, three walls and a missing wall where as you can see the outside while sitting in my recliner. I know as I am waking up from a nap that if I wake up I will be in an other world. I see this and I keep myself from wakeing because I see that my surroundings are not the same. I can only describe it as if I was leafing through a book about my life where I live but with differant pages of the not real world but a differant dimansion. I can hear my wife and grandkids at the far end of the house and the latest imersion or leafing the book and realizing that I am not at the right page of life and it scares me to wonder what if I should wake up in the wrong dimesion. My thoughts about being in a wrong dimension is comparable to a retarted person, with no grasp on reality, life, love, passion, guilt, sorrow, only recognized gesture of minimal comfort by a mother, father, brother, sister or care taker of the person. Please contact me Dr. Kaku if you want to hear of a real look into a parralled world 4th dimension experience.

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