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K T Cat

I'd seen this before, but I forgot it. I think it's a very sad and distorted view of the world. We are all sinning creatures, but to gain a view into the internal mechanisms of sin warps reality. Yes, most of the postcards deal with people who have done or thought wicked things, but the fact that they're writing these anonymously and not shouting them, it reveals some concern for the feelings of others.

Also, the PostSecret site is heavily skewed in favor of evil. No one's going to write a post card to them that says, "I've passed on 18 oppotunities for infidelity to my wife because she is worthy of the most sacred love I can give" because they can simply say that out loud.

And they do say that in words and deeds, every day, all around you.

In thinking about it, PostSecret supports evil by making it seem far more common that it really is.

K T Cat

Actually, it's kind of a mixed bag.

Still, if I were on the edge and looking for a push into evil, I could find it at Post Secret.

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